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Whether a review of the film or a piece on joy, mental health and well-being, or the mental health crisis, we’d love for you to include Mission: JOY in your work.

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press quotes

“An uplifting look at two revolutionary forces for good.”

Nick Schager, Variety

“Simply a must-see. It is infused with valuable instruction while simultaneously reflecting how these two spiritual brothers express their teaching in their lives.”

Bev Questad, It’s Just Movies

“It is totally endearing.”
“It is fascinating to hear how uniquely they arrive at a fundamental belief in the possibility of joy and happiness.”

Belle McIntyre, Musée Magazine

“Inspiring and edifying.”
“Unlike many spiritual teachers who eschew laughter and play, these two model those joyful practices as they smile, chuckle, embrace, hold hands, guffaw, and laugh boisterously.”
“From start to finish, this documentary simmers with laughter, humor, and play. It all adds up to a fresh and fine reframing of joy and its predominant place in the spiritual life.”

Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality & Practice

“Delightful and profound.”
“Mission: Joy is an important film for our time.”
“In its extraordinary perspective of these mavericks of goodness, Mission: Joy is a balm for soul wounds. Indeed, it reveals that if these individuals can employ the wisdom of joy, so can we. It is only a matter of doing.”

Carole Di Tosti, Blogcritics

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