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You want to help others access more joy, too?

Excellent idea! Because science shows that when you do an act of kindness for someone else, YOU will feel more JOY!

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Where to start


It never hurts to begin by giving yourself a quick hit of JOY, because that will automatically up your productivity and your creativity. For free.

(Don't know where to start? We've got you covered! Check out the BIG JOY Project for simple daily Acts of JOY to boost your JOY right NOW!)


Share the film, the book, this site, and/or any of the social media posts with your own friends and family. If they’re human and have a pulse, it means they probably would like more JOY in their lives.

(If they’re of the animal variety, feel free to observe them to receive a masterclass on JOY.)

your communities

Bring JOY to your communities. One of the cool things about faith communities, workplaces, schools, etc. is that they are made up of humans. So, if the members of your community are human and have a pulse, please share with them also.

(Use this handy viewers guide to get the most out of Mission: JOY at screenings with any type of community. It's totally free to use and will help you spread the JOY!)

social media

Viruses are not the only things that are contagious. Ideas are contagious. JOY is contagious. Share this site or one of the Mission: JOY posts on your social media accounts and watch the ripples of JOY that you create!


share your joy

You know what? Telling people about your JOY makes you feel even more JOY. It’s true! So tell us about a time when you did something to create JOY.

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