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Harald, Germany

Dear Holiness,

25 years ago, on the 11th of April 1997 we have met, in Caen, France, in the memorial of peace. I was with my 9 week old daughter and something made me hold her up, like in the Tibetan tradition of offering a present, as I found out later. You came out of a press conference, pretty busy, but suddenly you stopped right next to us. I was awestruck and I did as said, so you came over and asked me about her age, cuddling her face a little. For some reason, I had answered in french, so - I think it was Mathieu Ricard translating - you probably thought me french, so did not talk to me any more. But you sort of blessed my daughter and moved on.

In my situation that time I wasn't able to follow you, spiritually….some days later you appeared me in a dream, steering a small boat standing upright, asking me to come, yet sadly I was not able. Then you left without me, following the stream, leaving me sad as I woke up. 20 Years later I happened to buy a book of Mathieu Ricard in Kathmandu. I was there to fulfill my life's dream, a Kora around the Kailash, which we, my daughter and me did. It was the "Art of Meditation", and I left it untouched for another two year. Then, in an early lockdown, spring 2020, I started to follow the instructions and it began to change my life! At first unregular, but now for about two years half an hour daily, early in the morning I do meditate and everything has become better ever since, keeping to improve.

I do believe that it was no accident. Though I was merely the carrier of my daughter, I had my part and reward in meeting you. I'm very positive about my daughters life being influenced in a good way, too, though I fail to see or predict how this might be.

I would like to express my deep and sincere gratitude to you being who you are and your impact on my and other peoples lives.

May you be blessed with a long, happy and healthy life. May you always be surrounded by loving and caring people. May you one day be able to see your home again in freedom and may you in a very far future once die in peace, smilingly heading towards a beneficial rebirth.

Yours, sincerely,


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