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The Science
of Joy

The latest neuroscience now confirms what life experience and spiritual traditions have been telling us for thousands of years:

Joy is an inside job.

This is the best news ever.

It means that we don’t have to simply hope that we’ll feel better, someday, maybe. We can take the reins and create more joy for ourselves.

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Joy is happiness 
with a purpose

Think of joy as a more meaningful type of happiness. ’Hedonistic happiness’ is fleeting, and only includes emotions we tend to think of as positive. ’Eudaimonic happiness’ includes meaning, growth, and acceptance. Even of emotions we may call negative.

(Don’t know how to pronounce ‘eudaimonic’? That’s where saying ‘joy’ comes in handy.)

We’ve all been there:

We’re feeling low and want to reach for something to help us feel even just a little bit better.

A common default: scroll on our phone or grab a favorite snack--anything to take the edge off. But science now shows us things that work WAY better.

What Exactly Should We Do?

Neuroscience and psychology now have the answers. Well, a good number of the answers anyway, and science is uncovering more exciting discoveries every day.

(They will look strikingly familiar to what ancient wisdom has been pointing to since… ancient times.)

Here are four easy ACTS OF JOY to start with, scientifically proven to help you feel more joy.


Try this:

  • Do a small thing to help someone else, or the world.

Bonus – Do 5 kind things in one day, and feel stronger effects all week!


Science shows that when we do something kind for another person or for the world--even when it’s tiny and takes only a few seconds-- the joy effect for us is BIG.



try this:

  • List 8 things you’re grateful for, or
  • Write 3 gratitude notes.

Bonus – Do this once a week for max impact.


Studies have shown these exact dosages of gratitude to be optimal for helping us feel more joyful. Imagine that! Better yet, try it!



try this:

  • List 3 potential ‘bright sides’ to a problem you’re facing, or
  • Ask yourself, 5 years from now, will the thing that is bothering you still matter?

Bonus – Think of one of your heroes. How might they see your situation?


Looking for ‘silver linings’ actually does help us feel better, studies show. And when we notice one silver lining, we’re more likely to notice others!



try this:

  • Send a friend a quick text message that will make them smile, or
  • Tell a family member or friend about something small or large that you’re struggling with.
  • Tell someone you're grateful or do an act of kindness for someone, which builds connection.

Bonus – Join or re-engage with an already established group, online or in-person, and interact with at least one person.


The science is clear: the single most significant predictor of mental and physical health is the amount and quality of human connections we have. We were all born to connect!

Why Bother to Create More JOY?

225 scientific studies show that people with more eudaimonic happiness, i.e., joy:

  • Are more productive at work and more creative
  • Make more money and have more sought-after jobs
  • Are more effective leaders and negotiators
  • Are more likely to marry and have fulfilling marriages, and less likely to divorce
  • Have more friends and social support
  • Have stronger immune systems, are physically healthier, and even live longer
  • Are more helpful and philanthropic
  • Show more resilience to stress and trauma

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