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Create some JOY for yourself AND be part of the largest-ever citizen science project on JOY in just 7 minutes a day for 7 days:
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Mission: JOY is a film that shares the humor and wisdom of two of the world’s most beloved icons, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

These two Nobel Peace Prize Laureates united for one final mission: to show the world how to live with JOY, even in troubled times. 

And they know what they are talking about. They both lived through extreme hardship, and continued to live with JOY despite their circumstances.

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Send a note to HHDL and a tribute to Archbishop Tutu.

What would you say to them if they were sitting next to you right now? What have you learned from them? How have they changed you?

Post your message here and we'll send it to their teams!

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The Science of joy

We’re not making this stuff up! Neuroscience backs up ancient wisdom and tells us exactly what to do to feel more joy right away! Check out the research that shows us how to create more JOY.

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The How-to of Joy

Don't wait for joy.
Create your joy, today.

Science shows that starting with even just one ACT OF JOY will help you feel better, right now.
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Share an ACT OF JOY that you did or that someone did for you:


- Do a small thing to help someone else.

Practicing kindness feels good and creates a ripple effect of greater good. It can be as small as smiling at someone in the grocery store. In short, it’s just doing something that will benefit another person or the world. 

Spoiler alert – it will benefit you, too.

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- List 8 things you’re grateful for, or
- Write 3 gratitude notes.

For people, for pets, for things, for moments and memories. For anything! Just pause for a moment and think about something that feels good in your world. Really FEEL that good feeling. Acknowledge it.

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- List 3 potential ‘bright sides’ to a problem you’re facing, or
- Ask yourself, 5 years from now, will the thing that is bothering you still matter?

Look at situations from a different point of view to see the bigger picture. So often we can’t make an immediate change in our circumstances. But we are always capable of changing how we look at things. You can think of a challenging task as hard work, or you can think of it as good exercise. Choose the thought that helps you feel more joy.

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- Send a friend a quick text message that will make them smile, or
- Tell a family member or friend about something small or large that you’re struggling with.

Reach out and discover what's shared and special between us all. Opening your heart to another will bring joy to both of you. So even though you might want to avoid humanity altogether when you’re feeling down, you’ll be a lot happier if you connect with some of us.

Bonus: Doing a kindness for someone or telling someone you're grateful for them are two ways to build connection.

here's why
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You see, usually everybody seeks happiness – joyfulness - but from outside. From money, from power, from big car, from big house. Ultimate source of happy life - even physical health - inside not outside.

JOY From You

Don't wait for JOY. Create your JOY today!

Science shows that starting with even just one ACT OF JOY will help you feel better, right now.

Share an ACT OF JOY that you did or that someone did for you!
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Share Your Joy

You know what? Telling people about your JOY makes you feel even more JOY. It’s true! So tell us about a time when you did something to create JOY.

About Mission: Joy!

Meet the team and find out how the “mischievous brothers’” message is being shared around the world.
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When you are kind to someone else, you end up being joyful, but why? Because we realize that we are made for goodness.


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Share Your Joy

Telling people about your joy makes you feel even more joy. It's true! So, tell us about a time when you did something to create joy:

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