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Abbey, Canada

Dearest Dalai Lama,

My name is Abbey and I just wanted to send you this message to share with you that you have brought so much joy into my life with your words of wisdom and kindness and I’m certain you have also brought so much happiness to millions of other human beings.

Throughout my life I have always identified with all human beings because we really are very similar. We all have two eyes, two ears, and a nose. Although psychologically many of us are at different levels of consciousness we still are much more alike than we are different.


I have met very loving people in my life. However, I have also met people who don’t know the difference between using things and using people. To them it’s the same thing. Whatever is to their advantage, that’s what they do regardless of who they are hurting.

I try my best to let people earn my trust because of past experiences where I trusted too much. For many years I have not entered a relationship (in real life) for the reason of being hurt in the past. I am forty-one years old and unmarried. However, for the most part I am happy.

Anyway, I just wanted to send this short message to say thank you so much for everything and to remind you that you are so beloved to all true human beings who appreciate compassion, sensitivity, wisdom, and kindness which to me is the highest form of intelligence.

Some people are forgotten in a hundred years but you will never be forgotten. 🙂

May God and the universe bless you for eternity!

Your humble friend,

Abbey Therese Mikha

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