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Becky, United States

Your Dear Holiness!

I recently watched the film "Mission: JOY" that featured you and your friend the Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Right now I am following the "Big Joy" series of practices that was provided through a link on the film's website. At one point, it was suggested to write you a note, and they provided a page on which to do so, which is how I am writing to you now.

First, I wanted to extend to you my condolences on the physical loss of your good friend the Archbishop. Although it is my belief that people who love one another will meet each other again in the life beyond this one, I know that it is still sad to have to wait till another life before you are able to see again someone who is dear to you, and you may still miss them.

In the film, it looked as though you shared many profound moments of joy with Archbishop Tutu -- a joy which I am sure will live on in your heart. As a viewer, I must say that it gave me great joy to watch how the two of you interacted -- teasing and joking and laughing with each other; looking into one another's eyes; and holding one another's hands. It seemed clear to me that you two were (and still are, I think) true kindred spirits and soul brothers.

I found it very touching to witness the strong connection between you two, and I wanted to thank you for sharing with viewers all over the world your shining example of love in action. In so many aspects of your life, you have provided the world with an example of how to live and how to carry oneself in compassion, joy, and love for others; and I am grateful for your life in the world. This world is a much better place for your being in it, and your collaboration with Archbishop Tutu is just one example.

I am imagining that someday when you leave this world, your friend will be there to greet you with a great big hug and welcome you into the next dimension of life beyond this one, whatever that may look like. If you are to be reincarnated, I have no doubt that you and your dear friend will also be happily reunited in another life, recognizing one another right away! -- and that you will once again share times of joy and love together.

Meanwhile, may you be blessed in all that you continue to do as you carry out your mission of goodness in this world. Know that you are surrounded by thoughts of love, both from those living and those who have entered into the realm of spirit. May peace be with you!



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