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I am grateful that my life has crossed paths with Arch, Mpho and Nyaniso at Christ Church, Alexandria, Virginia. And, again sharing the Oblate life with Arch and the Order of Julian of Norwich was a gift of the reminder of that time in Alexandria. The world and the church were at an earlier place in its arguments around the gift of human sexuality. Immersed in that story, and feeling so strongly the pull of a priestly call since childhood, the day things began to shift within my own heart and life was one January day when Archbishop Tutu preached an impassioned and resolute sermon. He gave voice to many of the thoughts, feelings and words that were contained within me. The memory of a hug and happy dance with him sealed that day in my memory. I am forever grateful to God for that one day that I hold in my heart still. Then, when I first encountered Julian of Norwich in my life, in her, I met someone like the day Arch danced with me. Someone whose heart for God and Holy Wisdom resonated within me and gave me the courage that I needed in those days And, it was a gift to pray for my Oblate brother Arch as I continue to do. My courage to follow my priestly vocation, courage to see all of the gift of my life, and the courage to claim God's goodness and declare it upon everyone I meet received new breath and life through the gift of the Spirit blowing through Archbishop Tutu and all of you so that I could experience and know all the ways that it now blows through me.

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Mary, United States

Thank you for modeling such Joy, love and compassion for the world.
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