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Hugues, France

Tashi-delek your holiness.

First again, happy birthday, may Tara bless you and all our Masters to give us the chance to follow you correctly as long as we can in this life and if we do it well in the next one also.

I feel so glad to be able to follow you regularly on the web and see your infinite kindness and compassionate joy for all of us... since this pandemic start, so strange feelings sometimes that this so small things give so much suffering and some source of happiness like that in the same time.

Valet's wife and kids
My wife Laetitia, and my 9 years old twins sons, Sonam and Faolan

I'm an "always beginner" student of Kadam Tcheu Ling Bordeaux since 2008 which is a center of his Venerable Dagpo Rinpotché Losang Jhampel Jhampa Gyamtshog, I have the chance to see you two times in France, first in Veneux les sablons at the guepele Institute and second at Toulouse.

In 2008 I meet the first time His venerable Dagpo Rinpoche In Bordeaux for my first teatching and then gone 3 month later near kullu India to follow Dagpo Rinpoche teatching us the Great Lamrim in the Dagpo Shedrup ling Monastery and have the chance to meet Gueshe-la, and this wonderful, so bright and with this infinite kindness like the mother off all of us Lama Lotchen Rinpoche which his with you my best "in this world" reference when I want to think to a "true kind laughing or infinite smile".

Just a last story of joy for you

One time during a teaching, I think in 2010 or 11 , weather was so hot and people starting doze off in the temple, the Dagpo Rinpotché stop talking and it takes a minutes all the people came back to reality and look at Rinpotché, and the he start laughing and say us looking at us are better than look any television program,? some look at the top of the temple, the other meditate about the form of their knees or toe, some just look out what is the weather and some about what they could eat or drink for the diner... And in one second all people laughing and take back to concentration and we finish the afternoon with more energy despite the hot weather just with 1 minute laughing recharging battery?.

So I thanks you to teach us and show us that we have to be straight in discipline and ethic but also like Amitayus hands "flexible like two young stems of lianas" on our mind to allow us to just have joy moment and kindness everytime We can

Thanks again, I hope you're joy mission be much more contagious and make a laughing pandemic on earth.

Hugues Valet

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