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Katie, United States

My husband and I had been having some relational difficulties. We are under some stressors trying to make decisions about selling our home. We had been arguing and I had come to a place where I just wanted to run away. Daily meditation wasn't helping nor journaling. I was just in a very bad spot! We were trying to reconnect back to a time where life was easier. We decided to take a kayak trip to a place called Gum Slough, a branch off the Withlahachochee River in Citrus County Fl.

It was a beautiful day, gorgeous blue sky and 70 degrees. We set off and first thing we saw was a massive alligator back in the weeds! Awesome! We then paddled up stream, watched the many birds, the ibises, egrets, on the beach and in the sky, heard their chattering and songs. As we headed up Gum Slough we saw the amazing cypresses trunks and trees and marveled at their reflections on the water. This 3 hr trip reminded us of our love for nature and each other. Something reset that day and I am grateful!

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