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Maximilian, Germany

Dear His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his team,

Thank you for the possibility to write to you and for your living example of discipline, inner peace, compassion and joy. It encourages me to develop these values in me, too. Your example makes me believe that these values are reachable and a realistic possibility in human (and maybe my) life.

And while I guess that you receive many messages from many people all over the world and that therefore it is very likely that you’ll never read mine, I want to use this message to you at least as a written promise to myself, that develops its power due to the fact that I send it to you:

I have an urgent need for peace on earth and harmony between mankind and nature. The most important step to do something to fulfill that need is to get peace and harmony within myself, I think. Therefore I want to do everything that’s necessary and possible for me to develop compassionate love and inner peace. And in the same time I want to contribute to the wellbeing of others and carry there’s values into the world. Please send me your wisdom and strength and help me on this way.


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