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Stef, Belgium

Good morning my dear friend in Joy,

I'd like to share with you how Joy and Love from the heart changed some views I had on life.

First of all, I heard about your conversations with Arch by a dear friend, Sandrina, who suggested I read the book. I am forever gratefull to her for sharing her source of Joy! Reading it made me shuckle of joy, héhé.

Last year I went to hospital for urgent heart surgery. It was a first experience in hospital, so I thought: let's make it worth our while. They lifted out my heart, to put some replacement parts. When I was brought to the surgery room, they asked me: "think of something likable". I said: "Ok, I play some music inside".
After giving me the first sedative, they said: "Ok, relax. What are you thinking about right now?" I said to the crew standing ready: "You are all such wonderfull people. Take good care of each other, be kind, and all will be well during the operation." The complex operation took 8 hrs instead of 4 hrs; They tried to wake me up 3 times after surgery; but I was still sitting with my ancestors on the other side having a debate, and I took my time.

Since that day I find strength in that experience to live from the heart, and live a life full with love. My mother told me, before she passed away, that I knew what 'Miséricorde" means, and how to live with compassion for those who suffer.

Our own limitations and suffering are our teachers. We are on an endless journey of learning. You and Arch have shown me that humour is such a great strength helping us go forward from where we stand now, whatever our circumstances. And Real Joy is an eternal source of strength.

My walking buddy and friend, Natalie, to whome I am forever grateful for taking me on long walks for heart recovery, is to me what Arch is to you, if I may say so. She always shows me new perspectives on the meaning of the events happening to us. She's a beacon of Joy and a healing soul.

Be blessed, all who bring Joy. There is plenty of it; may we be able to share it now and always.

Dear Holiness, you always have inspired me, as did Archbishop Tutu. The whole message of your lifes became so much stronger for me once the Joy got involved. Joy is a game - changer. It seems to me it is a key element for growth in the long run. Thank you for pointing us that way.

May the Joy be with you, always.

From the Heart,


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