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Tim, Spain

Dear Holiness,
I am so grateful for all what you gift to this world for sharing compassion, love, kindness and humor and showing-inspiring the way to so many of us !!
When I started to meditate regularly and received my first teachings about buddhism, it was at the beginning of the pandemic. It really changed my life so much that I could come out much more easier for a professional burn out ( Im working in art therapy), coming back to work, help people around me ( family, friends, groups etc). For me, understanding and seeing more and more the incarnation of boddisatva changed my whole life. When I saw you first my body shaked so much that I felt transformed inside very deeply. You are one of the most inspiring persons I saw in my life and when I meditate I try to see you above my head and it makes me feel very happy and with peace in my heart. When I saw the movie Joy, my body reacts strongly again and I cried and laughed so much watching you there ! It was refreshing and reinforcing what I believed about the buddism way. To feel the goodness between you and Desmond Tutu and all people that you both met in life, in tough historical moments impressed me, and it was very rehumanizing. To see and feel that humans are good with everything around, and deeply, and friendly, it is a huge present for all. I would like to thank you as well to make me feel that we all can be resilient and never forget the inside goodness and directing it towards others. I hope to follow the way you drew many years more ! I thank you for reading this and I send you all my love and affection, and hope Tibet and all other countries will be free of wars.

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