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Emily, United States

In the Spirit of Joy, I send hugs:

Big hairy arm hugs!
Tiny little spindly hugs!
Pudgy squishy abundant hugs!
Boney wrinkled skin hugs!

Sky high hugs!
Knee high hugs!
Barely ankle high hugs!
Slither on the ground hugs!

Bug-eyed hugs!
Insect-free hugs!
More and more 
and more hugs!

Tuxedo and bow tie hugs!
Pajama hugs!
Bathing suit hugs!
Birthday suit hugs!

Winter parka hugs!
Moose hugs!
Polar bear hugs, ugh!
Teddy bear hugs!

Here hugs!
There hugs!
All around and everywhere hugs!
Wishing I could share an in-person hug!

P.S. We met at the World Council of Churches and in our apt in Geneva, Switzerland about 50 years ago. My mom, Frances, lives in Asheville, NC, now. Along with Rev. Bill Coffin and 47 other NYC Riverside church members my mom and I were arrested in front of the South African Embassy in Washington, DC about 40 years ago. Our little act of non-violence bound us up with a movement halfway around the world!

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