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Yam, Israel

I was focused on art and design for the most of my life, so I decided to make it profitable. Once I've received news about my father's death- I've sunk to the rock bottom. As the pandemic erased more and more people I started noticing the lack of support for the dying and their families, as well as healthcare teams. It drove me to dive into end of life training, I've been able to support multiple people since. I've found gratitude in this gloomy situation for past experiences of community and openness, so now I have art to be hedonistic and sustain my energy AND I've found something meaningful to build and pursue inside the darkest pain and memories. Working on a book and communication boards now! I feel complete. Life is suffering, but you don't have to be miserable- your meaningful work may not be a happy place, but there is joy in being in service and making this little thing you're focused on changing things for the better.

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After the birth of our first child, I was separated from her for 1 1/2 days in the hospital. I was so thankful when my husband and I took her...
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Rebecca, United States

Dear Family of Arch and Team,I love your father and friend. It brings tears to my eyes to remember him.I first remember him best in a video used by the...
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Rebecca, United States

Dear Dalai Lama, Thank you for your practical wisdom and cultivating your joyful presence through living what you believe! It is a joy to experience you from a distance. Good...
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Notes to HHDL

Karla, Germany

Your holiness,thank you a lot for your inspiations and for the projekt.Many greetings from my mother. She died many years ago. She would have liked to go to Tibet and...
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